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Inherits: :ref:`BoxContainer<class_BoxContainer>` < :ref:`Container<class_Container>` < :ref:`Control<class_Control>` < :ref:`CanvasItem<class_CanvasItem>` < :ref:`Node<class_Node>` < :ref:`Object<class_Object>`

Category: Core

Brief Description

Color picker control.


:ref:`Color<class_Color>` :ref:`color<class_ColorPicker_property_color>`
:ref:`bool<class_bool>` :ref:`deferred_mode<class_ColorPicker_property_deferred_mode>`
:ref:`bool<class_bool>` :ref:`edit_alpha<class_ColorPicker_property_edit_alpha>`
:ref:`bool<class_bool>` :ref:`presets_enabled<class_ColorPicker_property_presets_enabled>`
:ref:`bool<class_bool>` :ref:`presets_visible<class_ColorPicker_property_presets_visible>`
:ref:`bool<class_bool>` :ref:`raw_mode<class_ColorPicker_property_raw_mode>`


void :ref:`add_preset<class_ColorPicker_method_add_preset>` ( :ref:`Color<class_Color>` color )
void :ref:`erase_preset<class_ColorPicker_method_erase_preset>` ( :ref:`Color<class_Color>` color )
:ref:`PoolColorArray<class_PoolColorArray>` :ref:`get_presets<class_ColorPicker_method_get_presets>` ( ) const

Theme Properties

:ref:`Texture<class_Texture>` add_preset
:ref:`Texture<class_Texture>` color_hue
:ref:`Texture<class_Texture>` color_sample
:ref:`int<class_int>` h_width
:ref:`int<class_int>` label_width
:ref:`int<class_int>` margin
:ref:`Texture<class_Texture>` preset_bg
:ref:`Texture<class_Texture>` screen_picker
:ref:`int<class_int>` sv_height
:ref:`int<class_int>` sv_width


Emitted when the color is changed.

Emitted when a preset is added.

Emitted when a preset is removed.


:ref:`Control<class_Control>` node displaying a color picker widget. It's useful for selecting a color from an RGB/RGBA colorspace.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_pick_color(value)
Getter get_pick_color()

The currently selected color.

Setter set_deferred_mode(value)
Getter is_deferred_mode()

If true, the color will apply only after the user releases the mouse button, otherwise it will apply immediately even in mouse motion event (which can cause performance issues).

Setter set_edit_alpha(value)
Getter is_editing_alpha()

If true, shows an alpha channel slider (transparency).

Setter set_presets_enabled(value)
Getter are_presets_enabled()
Setter set_presets_visible(value)
Getter are_presets_visible()
Setter set_raw_mode(value)
Getter is_raw_mode()

If true, allows the color R, G, B component values to go beyond 1.0, which can be used for certain special operations that require it (like tinting without darkening or rendering sprites in HDR).

Method Descriptions

Adds the given color to a list of color presets. The presets are displayed in the color picker and the user will be able to select them. Note: the presets list is only for this color picker.

Remove the given color from the list of color presets of this color picker.

Returns the list of colors in the presets of the color picker.

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