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Mono build scripts for Godot
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Mono build scripts for Godot

This repository contains scripts for building the Mono runtime to use with Godot Engine

Android instructions

Run python --help for the full list of command line options. You may need to tweak some of those if the default values do not fit your needs.


# These are the default values. You can omit them if they apply to your system
export ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=$HOME/Android/Sdk

# The mono sources may be in a different location on your system
export MONO_SOURCE_ROOT=$HOME/git/mono

./ configure --target=all
./ make --target=all

The option --target=all is a shortcut for --target=armeabi-v7a --target=x86 --target=arm64-v8a --target=x86_64.

By default, the script will install the resulting files to $HOME/mono-installs. You can specify a custom output directory with the --install-dir option.

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