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Godot Improvement Proposals (GIPs)
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Godot Improvement Proposals

In order to improve the workflow of proposing, discussing, reviewing and later on implementing features or enhancements in Godot Engine, this repository is used to centralize all the proposals in one place apart from bug reports.

Proposals are made by opening issues in this repository, which will then be discussed with fellow Godot users and contributors. Once a proposal is considered good to implement, it will be approved by a core developer.

Rules for Submitting a Proposal

  1. Only proposals that properly fill out the template will be considered. If the template is not filled out or is filled out improperly, it will be closed.

  2. All proposals must be linked to a substantive use-case. In justifying your proposal, it is not enough to say it would be "nice" or "helpful". Use the template to show how Godot is not currently meeting your needs and then explain how your proposal will meet a particular need.

  3. Proposals have similar requirements to Pull Requests (PRs) in the main repository. The graph in this article outlines what core developers consider when evaluating your PR/proposal.

  4. Other users must express interest in your proposal for it to be considered. Godot is community-driven, if no other users are interested in your proposal, it may be closed. It is up to you to draw interest in your proposed feature. Start by reaching out on the community channels (Reddit, Discord, IRC, etc. see the Community Channels doc), then create your proposal once you have gained some interest.

  5. You can make a PR implementing the feature in the main repository before making a proposal. However, if it is a large change, a core developer may require that you make a proposal before your PR can be merged. It is always better to make and discuss a proposal before spending your time implementing a new feature.

  6. If you or another user is capable of making a PR, include that fact in the issue or in a subsequent comment so that a core contributor can fast-track the approval process.

What to do if your proposal is closed

If your proposal was closed because the template was not filled out, then fill out the template and ask the person who closed the issue to re-open it.

If your proposal was closed because of lack of interest, then try to build up some interest on the Community Channels and then ask the person who closed the issue to re-open it.

If your proposal was closed because a core contributor determined that it was not worth pursuing and you feel that it was wrongly closed, then feel free to join the developer IRC group and have a more in-depth discussion with other core developers about the feature.

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