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Godot Website

This repository contains the theme and plugins used in Godot Engine's October instance.



  • PHP 5 (version used in production)
  • October
  • Some database (MySQL is recommended)
  • Node.js (6.x or newer)
    • If you cannot get a recent version from your distribution's repositories, try using nvm.
  • Yarn

Installing October and the Godot theme & plugins

  • Download and install October.
    • Note that you don't need to install Apache or nginx, as PHP has a built-in development server. You can start it with php -S localhost:8080 which will host a server in the current directory.
  • If you have trouble with the installer, try to clone the repositories instead. Running composer install then editing config/database.php with your database credentials should get it up and running.
  • Once installed, clone this repository into your October directory (you'll have to clone into an empty directory and then move it into the October directory).
  • Reassign the active_theme variable in config/cms.php to godotengine.
  • You may have some errors at this point, these are most likely due to plugins. If an error is thrown, it should tell you which plugin caused it. Replace authorname and pluginname with the plugin you wish to run the command on.
    • Try installing the new plugin like so: php artisan plugin:install authorname.pluginname
    • Or refreshing the plugin like so: php artisan plugin:refresh authorname.pluginname (warning, this will erase all the database entries!)
    • Plugins which might need these commands run on them are RainLab.Blog and PaulVonZimmerman.Patreon

Setting up the theme

  • Log into the October backend and change the frontend theme from the Settings tab.
  • You may need to install the October Patreon plugin.
  • While examining the frontpage, you'll notice that nothing is styled; this is because we need to compile the CSS from our SCSS. Make sure you have Node.js installed.
  • Change directory into themes/godotengine then run yarn install && yarn build.
  • You should now have approximately what's in production. The only missing pieces are everything that's stored in the production database (devblog entries and featured games).

Deploying your changes

Deploying is of course only possible to people who have access to our production server. Most contributors should submit a pull request instead.

  • Copy example_conf.json: cp example_conf.json conf.json
  • Fill out your credentials in conf.json
  • Run yarn deploy.

This will copy all the compiled assets from the godotengine/assets/packed directory to the corresponding directory on production. It'll also make sure that copied assets are still writable by the group on the server. Make sure you've thoroughly tested your changes on your local copy before running this.


  • Discuss on freenode IRC: #godotengine-atelier
  • When working on the theme, please take note of the website stats.