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Asciidoctor Decorator - Grails Plugin

This plugin adds Asciidoctor support to the decorator plugin. The decorator plugin uses pluggable decorators to modify markup in GSP pages. The standard decorator can convert URLs to clickable hyperlinks, telephone numbers to hyperlinks, etc. This plugin extends the decorator plugin and adds support for Asciidoc syntax in parts of GSP pages.

Usage Examples

// The model
text = "Asciidoctor is *awesome!*"
// GSP markup

Produces the following HTML:

<p>Asciidoctor is <strong>awesome!</strong></p>

which renders:

Asciidoctor is awesome!

You can use this plugin in your Grails application to allow your users to add Asciidoc syntax to user profiles, comments, etc. Or maybe render dynamic context sensitive help that are maintained in Asciidoc format.

The source code for this decorator is very simple. It uses the AsciidoctorJ library.

class AsciidoctorDecorator {
def asciidoctor
    String decorate(String text, Map params) {
        asciidoctor.render(text, params)

This plugin also adds an asciidoctor bean to the Spring context that you can use directly if have special requirements.

See also

Markdown decorator

The Markdown Decorator plugin is an example of an extension plugin that adds Markdown syntax support.



Upgraded to AsciidoctorJ 1.5.2


First public release