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package memory
import (
// Item is a cached reference
type Item struct {
Content []byte
Expiration int64
// Expired returns true if the item has expired.
func (item Item) Expired() bool {
if item.Expiration == 0 {
return false
return time.Now().UnixNano() > item.Expiration
//Storage mecanism for caching strings in memory
type Storage struct {
items map[string]Item
mu *sync.RWMutex
//NewStorage creates a new in memory storage
func NewStorage() *Storage {
return &Storage{
items: make(map[string]Item),
mu: &sync.RWMutex{},
//Get a cached content by key
func (s Storage) Get(key string) []byte {
item := s.items[key]
if item.Expired() {
delete(s.items, key)
return nil
return item.Content
//Set a cached content by key
func (s Storage) Set(key string, content []byte, duration time.Duration) {
s.items[key] = Item{
Content: content,
Expiration: time.Now().Add(duration).UnixNano(),