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{Görli,Kotti} Testnet

The --goerli and --kotti cross-client proof-of-authority testnet configurations. Chat on Gitter

There are many Ethereum testnets available for experimenting with smart contracts and deploying decentralised applications before going live on the main Ethereum network. However, there is no testnet available that is both widely usable across all client implementations, and robust enough to guarantee consistent availability and high reliability. This is what Görli tries to be for Ethereum and Kotti for Ethereum Classic. Read more on the motivation in the Testnet Proposal.

Meta data: Görli

See also: Getting started with the Görli Testnet.

Please see goerli.genesis for a genesis file compatible with Hyperledger Besu (formerly Pantheon) or Geth.

Please see goerli.json for a chain specification compatible with Nethermind or Parity Ethereum.

Please see bootnodes.txt if you fail connecting to the network.

Meta data: Kotti (Classic)

The Kotti Classic Testnet configuration and resources moved to its own repository:

Connecting the clients

All clients supporting the Clique engine (EIP-225) are able to sync with Görli or Kotti.


You can connect Geth to Görli by executing geth --goerli.

You can connect Core-Geth to Kotti by executing geth --kotti.

Hyperledger Besu

Connect to Görli using Hyperledger Besu by executing besu --network=goerli.

Connect to Kotti using Hyperledger Besu by executing besu --network=kotti.


Connect to Görli by using the provided goerli.cfg included in Nethermind 0.9.1:

dotnet run --config configs/goerli.cfg

Connect to Görli by using the provided state and genesis included in EthereumJS 0.6.1:

./bin/cli.js --network goerli


Run a node, report bugs, and join our Gitter!

The Goerli Testnet Initiative concluded their work and does no longer accept donations. Thanks for all the support ❤️ 2018 - 2020.


The --goerli and --kotti testnet configurations




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