Görli Testnet

A cross-client proof-of-authority ethereum testnet

Pinned repositories

  1. testnet

    The --goerli and --kotti testnet configurations

    HCL 57 24

  2. parity-goerli

    Forked from paritytech/parity-ethereum

    The Clique engine for Parity Ethereum staging repository, will be merged upstream

    Rust 15 3

  3. eips-aura-spec

    Forked from ethereum/EIPs

    The AURA EIP working repository

    HTML 10 1

  4. ethstats-server

    Ethereum network status dashboard for PoW and PoA networks

    JavaScript 14 2

  5. ethstats-client

    Ethereum Network Intelligence API a.k.a. "ethstats"

    JavaScript 4

  6. GoethBridge

    Forked from ChainSafeSystems/ChainBridge

    Allow testnet ETH from Rinkeby, Kovan, and Ropsten to be burned for GöETH (Görli Testnet).

    Go 3 1