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  • Complete TeX installation (tested with TeXLive 2014). Note: TeXLive 2013 does not work (bug in TOC font).
  • latexmk, dvipng (should be part of your TeX distribution)
  • Perl (tested with v5.16.2)
  • Python 2.7, with scientific stack (IPython, numpy, scipy, sympy, matplotib; see Makefile for details) Using a Python distribution such as Enthought Canopy or Anaconda is strongly recommended.
  • Ghostscript 7.07 or later
  • Grace 5.1.22. Your version of grace must have support for generating PDF files. If it doesn't, you can try to modify the rule in chapters/ to get PDF files via EPS

A virtual Python environment will be created in the venv subfolder, containing the above packages, as well as some of the additional Python packages from the scripts folder that are necessary for generating the figures.


Run make to compile all figures from source, and to compile diss.pdf from all tex files.

make clean removes all temporary files, but leaves diss.pdf and any generated figures, as well as the venv subdirectory intact.

make distclean restores to a clean checkout. It deletes all generated figures, and the venv subfolder.

Note that once all figures have been generated, diss.pdf can be compiled with minimal dependencies (i.e. only a simple TeX installation). Running make dist will create a copy of the minimal files (tex files, template, and figures folder) to the dist subfolder, for archival purposes.