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Command line script for setting up a temporary tmux session for pair programming.

© 2016 by Michael Goerz. This software is available under the terms of the MIT license.

Installation & Usage

Using virtualenv/pipsi/conda env is recommended. Install the tmuxpair executable with

pip install tmuxpair

Run tmuxpair -h for usage details.

Reasonably Secure Pair Programming

A simple yet powerful way for pair programming is to have a partner connect to a tmux session on your machine. However, this implies that you give them SSH access, with the obvious security implications: Your partner now has complete control over your user account. They could use scp to copy any of your files, read your email, or pull a prank on you by messing with your .bashrc.

While you should probably only engage in pair programming with people that you place a certain minimum amount of trust in, it would be nice to eliminate at least the obvious ways for your partner to do anything behind your back. tmuxpair achieves this by using key-based authentication together with the feature of SSH to limit a key to a specific command. This follows the approach outlined in Tres Trantham’s blog post. Note that we also lock down scp access and port forwarding (which could allow your partner to access any firewalled server on your network).

We can go a little further in ensuring only supervised access by strictly limiting your partner’s connection to the duration of the pair-programming session.tmuxpair does this by by wrapping tmux; when you run e.g.


the public key in the file is temporarily appended to your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file (with the appropriate options), and tmuxpair attaches to a tmux session “pair”. As soon as the session ends – or you detach from it! – your partner’s SSH connection is closed and the original authorized_keys file is restored.

Of course, if your partner were sufficiently determined to break into your system, they could still manage to do so. Our assumption here is that supervised access is “reasonably secure” in most environments. If your partner does not need write access, tmuxpair provides a view-only mode that should not leave any security loopholes.

Security could be enhanced further by running the tmux session under a separate and dedicated account instead of your normal user account. However, the purpose of the tmuxpair script is to provide a robust solution that allows you to quickly share a terminal with a colleague, without any further setup.


Command line script for setting up a temporary tmux session for pair programming





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