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base fork: goerz/vimrc
base: 19dacb0cbe
head fork: goerz/vimrc
compare: a97b59e671
  • 2 commits
  • 1 file changed
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  • 1 contributor
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5 vimrc
@@ -279,6 +279,10 @@ set wildmenu
" don't make it look like there are line breaks where there aren't:
set nowrap
+" but if we wrap, use a nice unicode character to indicate the linebreak, and
+" don't break in the middle of a word
+set showbreak=↪
+set linebreak
" tab stops should be at 4 spaces
set tabstop=4
@@ -308,6 +312,7 @@ set wildignore+=*.bak,*~,*.tmp,*.backup
" Printing settings
set printoptions=paper:a4,number:y,left:25pt,right:40pt
+set printheader=%<%f%h%m\ \ (%{strftime('%m/%d/%y\ %X')})%=Page\ %N
" * Text Formatting -- Specific File Formats {{{1

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