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Goffee: Global uptime monitoring via Tor

Written in Go, Goffee is a fast, concurrent way to monitor your sites from all over the World.

  • Worldwide monitoring: By periodically changing Tor exit nodes, Goffee checks that your site is up from all over the world.
  • Powered by Gophers: Actual, real life gophers on little treadmills, working hard to make sure that your site is up.
  • Monitor .onion sites: Since all checks are run over the Tor network you can also use Goffee to monitor the uptime of .onion sites.

Goffee can monitor both your normal web applications and Tor network .onion sites.


  • Go 1.4
  • Tor 0.2.5
  • Web Framework: Goji
  • HTML templates: Go templates
  • Web UI styles: Bootstrap 3 & the Superhero theme from Bootswatch
  • Client side JS: jQuery, Moment.js, Happy.js, Handlebars.js
  • KV-Store: Redis
  • Database: MySQL
  • Signins: OAuth 2 & GitHub

More details:

How to use?


Goffee was written for the Gopher Gala in 48 hours, so we've been a bit rushed.

Once we have some time (and sleep), we'll write up some proper documentation.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the code and please vote for us!

License and Copyright

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 Joao Cardoso, Matias Korhonen, and Stephen Sykes

(see the LICENSE file)