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πŸ‘‹ Welcome
πŸ“¦ Premade storage drivers for πŸš€ Fiber.

Fiber Fiber

Premade storage drivers that implement the Storage interface, designed to be used with various Fiber middlewares.

// Storage interface for communicating with different database/key-value
// providers. Visit for more info.
type Storage interface {
	// Get gets the value for the given key.
	// `nil, nil` is returned when the key does not exist
	Get(key string) ([]byte, error)

	// Set stores the given value for the given key along
	// with an expiration value, 0 means no expiration.
	// Empty key or value will be ignored without an error.
	Set(key string, val []byte, exp time.Duration) error

	// Delete deletes the value for the given key.
	// It returns no error if the storage does not contain the key,
	Delete(key string) error

	// Reset resets the storage and delete all keys.
	Reset() error

	// Close closes the storage and will stop any running garbage
	// collectors and open connections.
	Close() error

πŸ“‘ Storage Implementations