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Lisk PHP Bundle

This package provides a PHP interface to the official Lisk API.

Installation instructions

Step 1: install using composer

composer require goforlisk/lisk-php-bundle

Step 2: add package to AppKernel.php

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new LiskPhpBundle\LiskPhpBundle(),

Step 3: Configure the API base URL and Network hash

Add the following to your app/config.yml

# Lisk PHP configuration
    base_url: 'https://login.lisk.io'
    network_hash: 'ed14889723f24ecc54871d058d98ce91ff2f973192075c0155ba2b7b70ad2511'

Or specify another Lisk API node by changing the base_url. The network hashed shown above refers to the mainnet, if you wish to use the testnet, enter da3ed6a45429278bac2666961289ca17ad86595d33b31037615d4b8e8f158bba as network_hash

What can I do with this bundle

This package provides a PHP interface to the official Lisk API. It exposes a Symfony service that allows for an easy integration of the Lisk API in your projects.


This package can only be required in its dev-master version since development has just started and not all API functions have been implemented. Currently all API methods with PUT requesta are not implemented but will be added soon.