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// Copyright 2017 gf Author( All Rights Reserved.
// This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the MIT License.
// If a copy of the MIT was not distributed with this file,
// You can obtain one at
package g
import ""
// Universal variable type, like generics.
type Var = gvar.Var
// Frequently-used map type alias.
type Map = map[string]interface{}
type MapAnyAny = map[interface{}]interface{}
type MapAnyStr = map[interface{}]string
type MapAnyInt = map[interface{}]int
type MapStrAny = map[string]interface{}
type MapStrStr = map[string]string
type MapStrInt = map[string]int
type MapIntAny = map[int]interface{}
type MapIntStr = map[int]string
type MapIntInt = map[int]int
// Frequently-used slice type alias.
type List = []Map
type ListAnyStr = []map[interface{}]string
type ListAnyInt = []map[interface{}]int
type ListStrAny = []map[string]interface{}
type ListStrStr = []map[string]string
type ListStrInt = []map[string]int
type ListIntAny = []map[int]interface{}
type ListIntStr = []map[int]string
type ListIntInt = []map[int]int
// Frequently-used slice type alias.
type Slice = []interface{}
type SliceAny = []interface{}
type SliceStr = []string
type SliceInt = []int
// Array is alias of Slice.
type Array = []interface{}
type ArrayAny = []interface{}
type ArrayStr = []string
type ArrayInt = []int
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