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Kodi video plugin for the video library of Swiss Radio and Television (RSI).
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RSI Play TV ( is a Kodi plugin to access the Italian part of the the video library of the Swiss Radio and Television (RSI).

Goals of the plugin

Bring the full power of the RSI Play TV media library on your TV (or another device) via Kodi. The plugin aims to be close to the original media library, so that the experience of consuming media through the browser or through Kodi should be similar.


  • Overview over all the shows.
  • Manage a list of your favourite RSI shows and get a list of your recently aired favourite shows.
  • List and play segments for shows (if available), so you don't have to watch the whole episode if you are only interested in a specific section.
  • Search videos and shows.
  • Various lists: Newest and most clicked shows by topic (e.g. News, Documentaries, etc.), shows by date.
  • Choose between SD and HD quality.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Livestreams that are exclusively broadcasted on (only available in Switzerland).
  • Live TV support: RSI 1, RSI 2 and RSI info (only available in Switzerland).


  • The plugin is available in the official "Kodi Add-on repository". This is the recommended way to get the plugin.
  • Furthermore, you can download the newest release as a zip file from the release section on github and manually install the plugin from the zip file. Keep in mind that you won't get any automatic updates if you choose this method.

Support this plugin

How you can help improving this plugin:

  • For bugs and feature requests use the issue tracker on the github page.
  • Feel free to submit a pull request. Please style your code according to PEP 8.

If you like this plugin, consider to make a donation to the author:

Method Link / Address QR code
Paypal Donation link Paypal link
Bitcoin 14d2as82kQ3mRoCSyrnHNoDi8PkFvxMMgP Bitcoin address


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  • Thanks @nmielec for providing a french translation.
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