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Support and Feedback

  For support or feedback, feel free to email at s.jansen@gmail.com or file an issue at http://gogglesmm.github.io


  Read the INSTALL file on how to build and install Goggles Music Manager on your machine.

Upgrading from 0.12.x

  If you're upgrading you will have to re-import your music due to changes in the database.

  Use the import_gogglesmm12.py script to copy the radio streams into the new database. It will also export all
  the playlists into m3u files, which may be used to recreate the playlists in the new database.

  Once all files have been imported, you can use the import_gogglesmm12_stats.py script to transfer the playcount
  statistics into the new database.

Keyboard Shortcuts

    Ctrl-N  Reset default sorting order in current view.
    Ctrl-R  Shuffle track list.
    Ctrl-B  Toggles browse mode on or off.
    Ctrl-T  Toggles Tag list in browse mode.
    Ctrl-Q  Quit Goggles Music Manager.
    Ctrl-O  Import files from given directory.
    Ctrl-J  Jump to playing song in track list.
    Ctrl-F  Find
         /  Find
    Ctrl-S  Show source browser
    Ctrl-P  Start playback.
    Ctrl-\  Stop playback.
    Ctrl-[  Play previous track.
    Ctrl-]  Play next track.
    Ctrl-,  Repeat Off
    Ctrl-.  Repeat Track
    Ctrl-/  Repeat All
    Alt-R   Shuffle Play
    Ctrl-A  Select All in lists.
    Ctrl-W  Close Main Window
    Ctrl-M  Show Mini Player.
    F12     Show Full Screen.
    F2      Edit selected track, album, artist or genre.
    Del     Delete selected track, album, artist or genre.


  Join the Goggles Music Manager group: http://www.last.fm/group/Goggles+Music+Manager