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  • Database (choose one of following):
    • MySQL: Version >= 5.5.3
    • PostgreSQL
    • or NOTHING with SQLite3 or TiDB (experimental)
  • Git (bash):
    • Version >= 1.7.1 for both server and client sides
    • Best to use latest version for Windows
  • A functioning SSH server:
    • Ignore this if you're only going to use HTTP/HTTPS or use builtin SSH server
    • Recommend Cygwin OpenSSH or Copssh for Windows.

Install Database

Gogs supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and TiDB. Based on your choice, install either one of them or skip this step:

REMEMBER Please use scripts/mysql.sql to create a database called gogs (default). If you create it manually, make sure the encoding is utf8mb4.

Install other requirements

Mac OS X

Assume you've installed Homebrew already:

$ brew update
$ brew install git


$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install git


Download and install Git

Install Gogs