Laptop is a set of scripts to get your laptop set up as a development machine.
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This repository is no longer maintened, it is deprecated, We no longer use this method for installing new laptops.


You can read more about the laptop script here:

Laptop is a set of scripts to get your laptop set up as a development machine.

This is the standard out of the box setup we use at Gogobot for brand new Mac machines or for brand new developers coming into the team.

It's not stale and it keeps updating as we add new stuff to our stack.

Mac OS X

If you already have Xcode, you can skip this...

First, install GCC for OS X. (requires OS X 10.6 or higher)

After you install the GCC (or Xcode), you need to go ahead and install oh-my-zsh. (don't argue, go do it :-))

Oh my zsh

After you have ZSH and Xcode/GCC, you need to install git. if you are on a mac, you can do that through homebrew

brew install git

Then, run this one-liner:

bash < <(curl -s

What it sets up

  • SSH public keys (for authenticating with services like Github and Heroku)
  • Homebrew or apt-get (for managing operating system libraries)
  • Ack (for finding things in files)
  • Mysql
  • Redis (for storing key-value data)
  • ImageMagick (for cropping and resizing images)
  • git-flow, for a better workflow around git
  • RVM (for managing versions of the Ruby programming language)
  • Ruby 1.9.3 stable (for writing general-purpose code)
  • Rails gem (for writing web applications)
  • Taps gem (for pushing and pulling SQL databases between environments)
  • Mysql gem
  • Terminitor gem for terminal automation
  • qt (For capybara-webkit headless testing)

It should take about 30 minutes for everything to install, depending on your machine.

If you run into any problems, please open an issue.

Thanks, Avi, Gogobot

And thanks a million to thoughbot, this script is based on theirs but we made it fit our needs.