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ReCaptcha helpers for Merb apps

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Author::    Jason L Perry (
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2007 Jason L Perry
License::   MIT

This plugin adds helpers for the ReCAPTCHA API ( In your views you can use
the +recaptcha_tags+ method to embed the needed javascript, and you can validate in your controllers
with +verify_recaptcha+.

You'll want to add your public and private API keys in the environment variables RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY
and RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY, respectively. You could also specify them in config/init.rb if you
are so inclined. Exceptions will be raised if you call these methods and the keys can't be found.

== +recaptcha_tags+

Some of the options available:

<tt>:ssl</tt>::         Uses secure http for captcha widget (default +false+)
<tt>:noscript</tt>::    Include <noscript> content (default +true+)
<tt>:display</tt>::     Takes a hash containing the +theme+ and +tabindex+ options per the API. (default +nil+)
<tt>:public_key</tt>::  Your public API key, takes precedence over the ENV variable (default +nil+).
<tt>:error</tt>::       Override the error in +session[:recaptcha_error]+ (default +nil+).

== +verify_recaptcha+

This method returns +true+ or +false+ after processing the parameters from the ReCAPTCHA widget. Why
isn't this a model validation? Because that violates MVC. Use can use it like this, or how ever you
like. Passing in the ActiveRecord object is optional, if you do--and the captcha fails to verify--an
error will be added to the object for you to use.

  respond_to do |format|
    if verify_recaptcha(@post) &&
      # ...
      # ...
* Remove Rails/ActionController dependencies
* Framework agnostic
* Add some helpers to use in before_filter and what not
* Better documentation
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