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Java Apple Push Notification Service Provider
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java-apns is a Java client for Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The library aims to provide a highly scalable interface to the Apple server, while still being simple and modular.

The interface aims to require very minimal code to achieve the most common cases, but have it be reconfigurable so you can even use your own networking connections or JSON library if necessary.

Links: Installation


  • Easy to use, high performance APNS Service API
  • Supports Apple Feedback service
  • Support Enhanced Apple Push Notification
  • Easy to use with Apple certificates
  • Easy to extend and reuse
  • Easy to integrate with dependency injection frameworks
  • Easy to setup custom notification payloads
  • Supports connection pooling

Sample Code

To send a notification, you can do it in two steps:

  1. Setup the connection

    ApnsService service =
        .withCert("/path/to/certificate.p12", "MyCertPassword")
  2. Create and send the message

    String payload = APNS.newPayload().alertBody("Can't be simpler than this!").build();
    String token = "fedfbcfb....";
    service.push(token, payload);
  3. To query the feedback service for inactive devices:

    Map<String, Date> inactiveDevices = service.getInactiveDevices();
    for (String deviceToken : inactiveDevices.keySet()) {
        Date inactiveAsOf = inactiveDevices.get(deviceToken);

That's it!

Custom Payloads

You can send a message payload, but providing custom fields and localizable alert:

String payload = APNS.newPayload()
            .customField("secret", "what do you think?");
            .localizedArguments("Jenna", "Frank")

service.push(token, payload);


Support mailing list:

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