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+ qrcode share work bugfix
+ work autosave on video/photo upload success
+ work title is requirement before uploading
+ adding Next artwork navigation
+ artists current studio and location is populated from api
+ improved artwork view with recycled view, both photos and images are now in separate viewholders
+ improved sharing
+ videos are displayed in tattoo list
+ possible to upload/edit watermarked videos
+ deleting posted (not published) artworks (all of them)
+ list of posted artworks
+ deleting posted (not published) tattoo (only)
+ removing images from posted work
* small bugfixes, more stable
+ uploading (process and final) photos to the api + watermark + ipfs hash
+ tabs (swipe left/right) in artists artworks list
+ dreadlocks (posting and browsing)
+ switching tattoo artists (for posting new artworks)
* the first apk was shown to community, includes basic functions:
+ artist lists of artwonks, such as
+ tattoos (of course)
+ design
+ henna
+ piercing
* each artwork includes:
+ ability to save every photo to the phone
+ sharing imageview bitmap to friends
+ sharing original file (downloaded from IPFS) to friends
* includes features for artists:
+ posting new work to gogo-api
+ obtaining QR codes for new works