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Hacking on Gogs

Hacking on Gogs

If you want to contribute to Gogs you should fork the project and work on the dev branch. There is a catch though; some internal packages are referenced by their Github url. So you have to trick the Go tool to think that you work on a clone of the official repository.

Start by downloading the source code as you normally would:

$ go get

Now fork the project on Github and then go to gogs' source directory:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/

Configure the gogs repository to be a clone of your fork:

$ git remote set-url origin<USERNAME>/gogs.git
$ git fetch

Checkout the develop branch and use go get -u ./... again to fetch any new dependencies:

$ git checkout develop
$ go get -u ./...

Gogs have a test suite that can be run with the make test command. Writing test cases is not mandatory to contribute, but we will be happy if you do. More information about writing tests in Go can be found on the official documentation.

That's it! You are ready to hack on Gogs. Test your changes, push them to your repository and open a pull request.