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Localize Gogs

Gogs started supporting multiple language since release v0.5.0, and it's just a single click to change the interface language instantly.

Enable additional languages in custom/conf/app.ini (all are enabled by default):

LANGS = en-US,zh-CN,zh-HK,de-DE,fr-FR,nl-NL,lv-LV,ru-RU,ja-JP,es-ES,pt-BR,pl-PL,bg-BG,it-IT
NAMES = English,简体中文,繁體中文,Deutsch,Français,Nederlands,Latviešu,Русский,日本語,Español,Português do Brasil,Polski,български,Italiano

Contribute Translations

Sign up for an account on Crowdin and fill untranslated strings.

Sometimes, you will find it's quite hard to translate a sentence from English to your language, but don't panic! Just convey the meaning; it doesn't have to be a literal translation matching the exact words of the English version.

In case you want to test your translation, but avoid making changes to your Git history, you can put your locale file into custom/conf/locale/<file> and restart Gogs.

Make Corrections

If you found incorrectly translated strings, you can quickly search on Crowdin by typing the key name in the search box.

For example, suppose you think Home is an incorrect translation. Rather than searching Home, instead search for its key name home. Similarly, search something like home:uname_holder for keys under a section.

Custom Locale Files

If you're not satisfied with the official locale translation, you can modify those fields with another file in custom/conf/locale/locale_<lang>.ini, then restart Gogs.