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Config and run

Configuration and run


Default configuration

The default configuration is saved in conf/app.ini, you do NOT need to edit it at all. Since v0.6.0, this file is embedded into the binary.

Custom configuration

So how do you create a custom configuration if you are not allowed to edit conf/app.ini? Well, create custom/conf/app.ini then! Corresponding keys in corresponding sections in custom/conf/app.ini will overwrite the values set in conf/app.ini.

For example, to change the root path of where raw repository data is being stored, add something like follows:

ROOT = /home/jiahuachen/gogs-repositories

Of course, you want to change the database setting as well:

PASSWORD = `root`

Note: please quote passwords using `

Why are we doing this?

Yes, why don't you just edit conf/app.ini? The reason is to keep your custom configuration safe:

  • For people who install from binary, every time after you ship the program, you can just simply copy and paste without re-configuring anything.
  • For people who install from source, we've ruled out the custom/conf/app.ini in .gitignore, so it will not cause changes in version control as a result of re-applying old configurations to the new version.

Run Gogs server

For Developers

  • You need to set key security -> INSTALL_LOCK to be true in the file custom/conf/app.ini in order to run from source.
  • You can use the famous make command:
$ make
$ ./gogs web

For Deployment

Scripts are in the scripts directory, but execute them at the root of the repository

  • There are many ways to start:
    • Plain: just use ./gogs web
    • Daemons: see scripts folder
  • Go to /install to do your first-time run configuration.

Running as daemon via init (eg. openrc)

  • Create a file named /etc/init.d/gogs as follows, assuming gogs is installed in the /home/git user:


depend() {
    need net
    use dns logger mysql

checkconfig() {
    if [ ! -d "$GOGS_PATH" ] ; then
        eerror "gogs not installed" || return 1
    return 0

start() {
    checkconfig || return 1

    ebegin "Starting ${SVCNAME}"
    start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --background \
        --make-pidfile --pidfile "${GOGS_PIDFILE}" \
        --user "${GOGS_USER}" \
        -d ${GOGS_PATH} \
        --exec "${COMMAND}" "${ARGS}"
    eend $?

stop() {
    ebegin "Stopping ${SVCNAME}"
    start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --pidfile $GOGS_PIDFILE
    eend $?