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From binary

Upgrade from binary

Downloads are available at Install from binary.

Note If you plan to perform a copy-paste upgrade, make sure you delete the old templates directory first!

Find the location where the current installation is:

# On a default environment this is generally in the Git home folder
$ sudo su - git
$ cd ~
$ pwd
$ ls
gogs gogs-repositories

Move or rename the existing Gogs folder (but absolutely do not remove it).

$ mv gogs gogs_old

Download and unzip the new binary:

# Check for the latest release to download based on the OS and ARCH you are running
$ wget$VERSION/gogs_${VERSION}_${OS}_${ARCH}.tar.gz
$ tar -zxvf gogs_${VERSION}_${OS}_${ARCH}.tar.gz
$ ls
gogs gogs_old  gogs-repositories gogs_${VERSION}_${OS}_${ARCH}.tar.gz

Copy custom, data, and log directories to the unzipped directory:

$ cp -R gogs_old/{custom,data,log} gogs

Then, run and test in your browser:

$ cd gogs
$ ./gogs web

Well done!

Note If you use the bundled scripts, make sure they are executable:

grep -rl '^#!' scripts | xargs chmod +x