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@unknwon unknwon released this Mar 31, 2018
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Bug fixes

  • Protected branch can be deleted from the web after merge request #4514
  • Does not recognise SYSNAME datatype in MSSQL #4642
  • Quick guide is only showed for repository admin #4646
  • Wrong branch URL for name contains # in branches view #4874
  • Commits not merged after accepting pull request using rebase #5051
  • Once branch was protected "Lock" icon will never be removed #5053
  • SVG support in IPython notebook #5077


  • Support HTTP HEAD requests #2857
  • Add option to rewrite authorized_keys file at start #4435
  • Add option to prepend global prefix to the email subject #4524
  • Disable federated avatar lookup by default #5126


  • Add new languages support: Indonesian, Persian