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@unknwon unknwon released this Apr 21, 2014

Bug fixes

  • One-click copy button of clone URL in repository viewer doesn't work(note)
  • Doesn't delete corresponding accesses, watches when delete user
  • Server log doesn't log into correct file


  • Add corresponding issue link to create issue notify mail
  • Add salt for every single user
  • Use PBKDF2 and user salt for encoding user password(note)
  • Huge time, CPU and memory reduction of getting repository files
  • Show commits list by page, not all at once
  • Use build tag to enable SQLite3 support(note)


  • Support rename repository/user
  • Support transfer repository
  • Support reset user password
  • Support detect @someone, #issueNum, SHA1 and issue link in markdown render
  • Support mail notify for someone is mentioned in creating issue
  • Support go get in meta block
  • Support setting default branch
  • Support HTTP(S) push
  • Support search commits by keyword in specific branch
  • Support private repository
  • Support migrate and mirror public/private repository
  • Support social account login(GitHub, Google, QQ, Weibo)
  • Support view and add new release(use existing tag or create a new one)
  • Support download zip archive from any given commit
  • Support browse code by tag


  • Support deploy with Docker(note)
  • Git version requirement for both server and client sides become v1.6.6(Smart HTTP support).
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