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@Unknwon Unknwon released this Jun 1, 2014 · 3960 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes

  • Cannot clone through SSH with non-default port(22) #94
  • Cannot migrate repository when use PostgreSQL #141
  • Show private repository activities on public activities list #148
  • Does not verify admin user name in install page #149
  • Does not update all accesses when change user name #150
  • Panic when no master branch
  • Panic when delete a branch #155
  • Redirect to 404 page when commenter is not the repository owner #159
  • Show 500 page when poster of issue no longer exists #167
  • Using @ in code block tries to make a mention #178


  • Able to unbind social account from database
  • Add mail notification for new comment and mentioned in new comment
  • Add comment on issue activity
  • Add clean unbind OAuthes operation in admin panel
  • Underlying system of issue tracker
  • Able to log message to different adapters by level at same time
  • Show collaborative repositories in dashboard
  • Able to preview option for editing of issue #204
  • Able to set GOGS_CUSTOM envrionment variable to set global custom path #209
  • Add log -> ROOT_PATH option for custom log file path #209


  • Support SMTP authentication #8
  • Support user name contains dot . #91
  • Support add/remove repository collaborators
  • Add server -> DISABLE_ROUTER_LOG option for disabling router log
  • Add picture -> DISABLE_GRAVATAR option for disabling Gravatar
  • Add command gogs dump for dumping files and database
  • Support webhook services #98
  • Add read/unread status to issue
  • Add assignee to issue
  • Add history page for file #166
  • Support add custom .gitignore and license files by adding them to custom/conf/gitignore and custom/conf/license #174
  • Add milestone to issue tracker
  • Support download tar.gz for releases #186
  • Add server -> STATIC_ROOT_PATH option for indicating custom template and static file path #209


  • Official website online(
  • Support install with Vagrant(note)
  • Support install from AUR packages #176
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