@Unknwon Unknwon released this Sep 14, 2014 · 3523 commits to master since this release

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Bug fixes

  • Panic when view releases that were created by Gogs #197
  • Content lost if user changes milestone or assignee #216
  • Webhook doesn't deliver for SSH pushes #242
  • Mirror repositories are not updated at all #258
  • Not able to serve static files in Windows #271
  • Dashboard issue link is incomplete #273
  • Collaborators are able to change repository settings
  • Edit issue label does not require repository owner or collaborator #303
  • Milestone issue stats not update when reopening/closing issue #340
  • Incorrect max/min limitation error message #340
  • Missing trailing '/' in ROOT_URL causes problems #367
  • SSH keys that include new lines can't be deleted from authorized_keys #370


  • Add webhook section for configuring web hook task interval and deliver timeout
  • Add download TAR.GZ button in repository viewer
  • Sort releases by created time if they have same number of commits #199
  • Add Git installation and version check in start
  • Able to show precise time on commit page #281
  • Make possible for administrators to change user's password #291
  • Add more SSH key type verification support #293
  • Allow clickable links in the repository description #300
  • Allow /:username as user home page route
  • Change passoword length limitation to 255 #340
  • Add .mkd as Markdown file extension #362
  • Allow . in repository name #453


  • Add command gogs fix location <old path> to handle Gogs app location change
  • Support edit release and save as draft
  • Add cron task and running process monitor panel
  • Add database adapter for logging
  • Add delete all inactivate accounts operation in admin panel
  • Add reverse proxy authentication support #165
  • Add application level GZIP support by server -> ENABLE_GZIP config option.
  • Closing issues through commits #302
  • Able to star/unstar a repository
  • Ability to attach files to issues (attachments) #307
  • Able to create/manage/delete organization with team management
  • Add Slack webhook integration #379
  • Add Organization-level Webhooks #442


  • Official website brand new design(gogs.io)
  • Whole site new UI design
  • Most of pages implement multiple languages
  • Add Ubuntu install package #455