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Upload to Pi Tool


This tool adds an Upload to Pi menu item under Tools. Invoking it will compile the current sketch, upload it to a connected Raspberry Pi, and execute it there. Any output of your sketch, such as from println, is displayed on your local console.

By default, a connection with raspberrypi.local is attempted, using the default username (pi) and password (raspberry). These settings can be changed by modifying the values in Processing's preferences.txt file. See section Configuration for more details.

Sketches are uploaded to the default user's home directory (/home/pi). The most recently uploaded sketch is also automatically started whenever the Raspberry Pi boots up. This behavior can be changed, if needed.

Since this tool needs to make some assumption about the Pi's system configuration, only the Raspbian operating system is currently supported. (We tested it against its March 2016 release.)

Install with the Contribution Manager

Add contributed tools by selecting the menu item ToolsAdd Tool... This will open the Contribution Manager, where you can browse for Upload to Pi, or any other tool you want to install.

Not all available tools have been converted to show up in this menu. If a tool isn't there, it will need to be installed manually by following the instructions below.

Manual Install

Contributed tools may be downloaded separately and manually placed within the tools folder of your Processing sketchbook. To find (and change) the Processing sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the Processing application (PDE) and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top.

By default the following locations are used for your sketchbook folder:

  • For Mac users, the sketchbook folder is located inside ~/Documents/Processing
  • For Windows users, the sketchbook folder is located inside My Documents/Processing

Download Upload to Pi from

Unzip and copy the contributed tool's folder into the tools folder in the Processing sketchbook. You will need to create this tools folder if it does not exist.

The folder structure for tool Upload to Pi should be as follows:

    Upload to Pi
        Upload to Pi.jar

Some folders like examples or src might be missing. After tool Upload to Pi has been successfully installed, restart the Processing application.


The following settings can be modified by editing Processing's preferences.txt file:

gohai.uploadtopi.hostname - the IP address or hostname of your Raspberry Pi; This defaults to raspberrypi.local, which is the default mDNS address of the Raspberry Pi on the local network. If you're using Windows, which currently doesn't support mDNS resolution out of the box, or you're having more than one Raspberry Pi connected to your network, you might need to change this value. See here for more information how to enable mDNS resolution on different operating systems.

gohai.uploadtopi.username - the username to use with the Pi, defaults to raspberry

gohai.uploadtopi.password - the password to use, defaults to pi

gohai.uploadtopi.persistent - whether or not to upload the sketch to persistent memory, defaults to true; If set to false, the sketch will be uploaded to /tmp instead of /home/pi.

gohai.uploadtopi.autostart - whether or not to automatically start the sketch after bootup, defaults to true

gohai.uploadtopi.logging - whether to write the output of the sketch (including any error messages) to a .log file in the sketch folder on the Raspberry Pi when automatically started after bootup, defaults to true


If you're having trouble, please file issues here.


Tool for Processing to upload and run a sketch on a Raspberry Pi from within the IDE






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