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Harbor Roadmap

About this document

This document provides a link to the Harbor Project board that serves as the up-to-date description of items that are in the Harbor release pipeline. The board has separate swim lanes for each release. Most items are gathered from the community or include a feedback loop with the community. This should serve as a reference point for Harbor users and contributors to understand where the project is heading, and help determine if a contribution could be conflicting with a longer term plan.

How to help?

Discussion on the roadmap can take place in threads under Issues or in community meetings. Please open and comment on an issue if you want to provide suggestions and feedback to an item in the roadmap. Please review the roadmap to avoid potential duplicated effort.

How to add an item to the roadmap?

Please open an issue to track any initiative on the roadmap of Harbor (Usually driven by new feature requests). We will work with and rely on our community to focus our efforts to improve Harbor.

Current Roadmap

The following table includes the current roadmap for Harbor. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to Harbor, please attend a community meeting to discuss with our team. If you don't know where to start, we are always looking for contributors that will help us reduce technical, automation, and documentation debt. Please take the timelines & dates as proposals and goals. Priorities and requirements change based on community feedback, roadblocks encountered, community contributions, etc. If you depend on a specific item, we encourage you to attend community meetings to get updated status information, or help us deliver that feature by contributing to Harbor.

Last Updated: June 2022

Theme Description Timeline
Harbor for Edge Optimize data transfer for substandard data center connectivity to edge nodes 2022 H2
Create a lightweight Harbor with reduced feature set for minimal footprint 2022 H2
Deployment Improve Kubernetes Operator for Harbor, enabling improved Day1 and Day2 operations including enterprise grade HA, faster deployments and upgrades, automate backups and restores, and sensible defaults Future
Support Notary v2 to deliver persisting image signatures across image replications Future
Optimized Scalability & Performance Introduce cache layer to improve performance 2022 H2
Image acceleration Leverage Nydus to support image acceleratiion Future
Regex Support Add full Regex support to all modules within Harbor consistently including configuration of replication policies, retention policies, immutability policies and more Future
ARM Harbor release an ARM deployment of Harbor Future
Backup & Restore Leverage Project Velero to offer application-aware Harbor backup, including databases, Kubernetes objects and Persistent Volumes 2022 H2
Extended image support Support WASM images 2022 H2
System artifact manager 2022 H2
CVE reporting Export CVE list at the repo level Future
SBoM support SBoM generation & attestation Future
Networking Support dual stack IPv6/IPv4 network for Harbor pods in a Kubernetes cluster 2022 H2

Completed Items

Theme Description Timeline
Security Analysis Leverage Sysdig Secure scanner to analyze container images Aug 2020
Image Distribution Ability for Harbor registry to function as a pull-through cache for remote registry Sep 2020
Performance & Reliability Non-blocking Garbage Collection Sep 2020
Image Distribution Leverage P2P providers like Alibaba Dragonfly and Uber Kraken to geo-distribute artifacts at higher rates Oct 2020
Extensibility Allow vendors to publish and share OCI artifacts like Machine Learning (Kubeflow) workloads generated datatypes on Harbor Oct 2020
Registry Improve support for Windows containers layers Oct 2020
I&AM and RBAC Improved Multi-tenancy through granular access and ability to manage teams of users and robot accounts through workspaces Dec 2020
Observability Expose Harbor metrics through Prometheus Integration Mar 2021
Tracing Leverage OpenTelemetry for enhanced tracing capabilities and identify bottlenecks and improve performance Mar 2021
Image Signing Leverage Sigstore Cosign to deliver persisting image signatures across image replications Apr 2021