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Harbor Adopters

Below is a list of adopters of Harbor in production environments that have publicly shared the details of their usage as well as the benefits provided by Harbor that their business relies on. There are some unreferenceable users that are leveraging Harbor that are not yet able to share details of their usage publicly at this time.

There are many additional adopters of Harbor in the evaluating phase that will be added to this list as they transition to production deployments.      trendmicro        DataYes        axatp       

360 Total Security      talkingdata        BoerSmart        OpenEdutainment        iFRE       

BOCOIT        wise2c        HYDSoft        CloudStar        BeyondSoft        ChinaMobile        CaiCloud        Rancher        TenxCloud        BingoCloud       

SlamTec        CloudChef        Pivotal        Netease Cloud        Yanrongyun       

Success Stories Harbor is the registry service of’s JDOS platform. Harbor has been used for over 2 years in production with tens of thousands of nodes and managing millions of container images.

China Mobile: Harbor has been used in production for more than a year, serving images to a container environment with over 1,000 nodes and about 20,000 images.

360 Total Security: Harbor is used to distribute images and manage access to project images at 360 Total Security. The image replication function is heavily leveraged in their environment. Harbor supports approximately 800 compute nodes in production environments across different regions and manages about 20,000 container images.

Slamtec: Harbor is being used in external production systems as well as internal dev/test environments. All services are deployed using container images stored and managed by Harbor, making Harbor an important part of Slamtec's CI/CD workflow.

Bingo Cloud: Bingo cloud OS uses Harbor as their ECR (Elastic Container Registry) component. Harbor allows them to have project-based image management in private cloud environment of large enterprises. Harbor has been deployed in some large state-owned or province-owned enterprises.

Union Pay: Union Pay adopts Harbor to manage container images for more than 200 nodes. Harbor enforces RBAC and vulnerability scanning on images used in the production environment.

Minsheng Life Insurance: Harbor is used to build a private image registry. It manages base images of all application services and the container images created in project development. Harbor is integrated with the container cloud platform through its RESTful API. Harbor supports about 40 nodes in a cluster and manages more than 3,000 images.

Priority Payment Systems: Harbor has been an integral component in our CI/CD pipeline for more than a year housing hundreds of images for various environments.

AWN: Utilizes Harbor as a secure image repository for all of internal container-based workloads. Harbor provides developers and sysadmins a secure and easy-to-use repository. AWN leverages the image vulnerability scanning feature within Harbor before deploying images into production.

Allegis: Harbor is used at Allegis as a secure private registry to store and scan customized container images for different business applications, like ELK stack, as part of their CI/CD pipeline.

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