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Demo Server Guide


  • Please note that this demo server is ONLY for your trial of Harbor functionalities.
  • Please DO NOT upload any sensitive images to this server.
  • We will CLEAN AND RESET the server every TWO Days.
  • You can only experience the non-admin functionalities on this server. Please follow the Installation Guide to set up a Harbor server to try more advanced features.
  • Please do not push large images(>100MB) as the server has limited storage.

If you encounter any problems during using the demo server, please open an issue or ping us on Slack.


  • 1> The address of the demo server is
  • 2> You can register a new user by yourself
  • 3> Then you can use the account/password created in step 2 to log in
docker login

You can refer to User Guide for more details on how to use Harbor.