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@wy65701436 wy65701436 released this 13 Dec 04:58
· 194 commits to release-1.10.0 since this release

New Features

  • Pluggable Scanners
    Worked with Aqua Security and Anchore to expand the list of supported 3rd party vulnerability scanners that the Harbor system administrator can configure. Project administrators can use any of the configured scanners in their projects. Read more.

  • Tag Immutability
    Allow Harbor project administrator to configure immutability rules at the project level. Images with certain tags cannot be overwritten by pushing, retagging, deleting, or replicating images with matching tags. Read more.

  • Additional Features
    Harbor 1.10.0 adds numerous other capabilities for both administrators and end-users:

    • Replication enhancements: Adds Gitlab, and Jfrog Artifactory to the list of supported replication targets. Read more.
    • OIDC enhancements: Support for OIDC groups; adds user-defined CLI secrets. Read more.
    • New Limited Guest role. This role has lower permissions than Guest, and has no visibility into logs or the other members of a project. Read more.
    • New webhook: project quota exceeded. Read more.

For more information, see the release announcement.

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

  • Scan status freezes after migration from 1.8 to 1.10 #9963
    If there are jobs running in the job service, and a Redis restart happens, for example because of a power outage or crash, status out of sync issues might appear in scan, replication or garbage collection tasks. Consequently, some task statuses freeze in their current state, and do not update themselves. The cause is known and this will be fixed in a patch.

    Workaround: Run the task again. Replication and scanning function correctly on the next run. No data is lost.