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New Features

  • Support deploy Harbor with Helm Chart, enables the user to have high availability of Harbor services, refer to the Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Support on-demand Garbage Collection, enables the admin to configure run docker registry garbage collection manually or automatically with a cron schedule.
  • Support Image Retag, enables the user to tag image to different repositories and projects, this is particularly useful in cases when images need to be retagged programmatically in a CI pipeline.
  • Support Image Build History, makes it easy to see the contents of a container image, refer to the User Guide.
  • Support Logger customization, enables the user to customize STDOUT / STDERR / FILE / DB logger of running jobs.
  • Improve user experience of Helm Chart Repository:
    • Chart searching included in the global search results
    • Show chart versions total number in the chart list
    • Mark labels to helm charts
    • The latest version can be downloaded as default one on the chart list view
    • The chart can be deleted by deleting all the versions under it

Installation and Upgrade

Known Issues:

  • After upgrade, the scheduled of "Scan All" will be reset to "None", the admin will need to update the schedule again.
  • Misc bugs: #6435 #6447 #6540