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@wy65701436 wy65701436 released this Sep 4, 2019 · 30 commits to release-1.9.0 since this release

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  • Open-source Harbor project:
    • Harbor offline installer
      md5: 3511c91fc71fb8b108dabd402182c7db
    • [Harbor online installer](online installer is not provided in RC build)

New Features

  • Project Quotas
    By using quota management, system administrators can set constraints that limit the number of artifacts or the amount of storage resources that a project can use. This helps system administrators to better manage and allocate resources across all projects. Read more

  • Tag Retention
    A repository can rapidly accumulate a large number of image tags, many of which might not be required after a given time or once they have been superseded by a subsequent image build. These excess tags can obviously consume large quantities of storage capacity. As a system administrator, you can define rules that govern how many tags of a given repository to retain, or for how long to retain certain tags. Read more

  • Webhooks
    Webhooks allow for the integration of Harbor with other tools to streamline continuous integration and development processes. Currently, webhooks can be configured for actions including container image push, container image pull, container image delete, helm chart push, helm chart pull, helm chart delete, image scanning completed, CVE discovered Read more

  • CVE whitelists
    As a system administrator, you can create exception policies of certain whitelisted CVEs to ignore during vulnerability policy checking. Read more

  • Replication enhancements
    This release includes the following improvements to replication:

    • Adds the ability to replicate resources between Harbor and Google Container Registry, Azure Container Registry, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Alibaba Cloud Container Registry, Helm Hub.
    • Supports filtering by Harbor labels
    • Supports configuring proxies
      Read more
  • Additional Features
    Harbor 1.9 adds numerous other capabilities for both administrators and end-users:

    • Groups privileges prioritization: when an administrator privilege is granted to a user's group, but a guest privilege is also granted to the user, then the user has admin privileges.
    • Supports the configuration of an external syslog endpoint and database connection pools.
    • Security enhancement to make Harbor containers run as a non-root user.
    • Adds the ability to upload/fetch charts with robot accounts.
    • Bug Fixes and improvements in job service: job retry, Redis pool run out, and the rapid growth in the amount of Redis data.

Known Issues:

  • Migrating to 1.9 can take a few minutes before API is callable. This is due to the implementation of quotas. #8935
  • Replication does not work between a Harbor instance of a previous version and a Harbor 1.9.0 instance and is not supported by Harbor team. #8673
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