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Harbor FAQs

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  1. When install Harbor it report follow Error:

    Traceback (most recent call last): File "./prepare", line 110, in <module> validate(rcp, args) File "./prepare", line 31, in validate raise Exception("Error: The path for certificate: %s is invalid" % cert_path) Exception: Error: The path for certificate: /data/cert/server.crt is invalid
    Root cause: This error was caused by when you enable https on harbor.cfg but don't have "/data" directory and create the harbor server ca certificate and server certificate

    Solution: Make sure you have a /data directory and follow the step in [enable https] (

  2. How to customize the port that Harbor listens on?

    [A] Please refer to the [installation guide] ( customized-port).

  3. How to initialized Harbor DB when use external database.

    [A] Please refer [load-harbor-db-schema] ( schema)

  4. Can't find the download certificate button

    [A] Copy the ca certificate to /data/ca_download/ca.crt, then this download link is visible in web console.



  1. What happens if I update a same name image to Harbor with replication enabled?

    [A] It will overwrite the images both on the source and destination Harbor server

  2. Got 504 Gateway Time-out error when replicating big images.

    [A] Please refer to issue 3446.

  3. Can harbor send webhook notification like showing?

    [A] No, Harbor does not support webhook notification of registry yet.

Vulnerability scan

  1. Can I use the scan functionality when Harbor has no internet access?

    [A] You can but you need to manually update the vulnerability database. please refer to this wiki: [Import Clair vulnerability data] (

Pulling and pushing images

  1. Why can not push image to Harbor?

    [A] At least two namespaces are needed for repository name in Harbor, so tag the image as should fix this. (Create the project on the web page first)


  1. How to access the APIs of the Docker registry?
    [A] First you need to request a token:

     curl -i -k -u <username>:<password> https://<harbor_host_or_ip>/service/token?service=harbor- 

    Then you can use the token to issue registry API:

     curl -i -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization:  Bearer longlongtokenxxxxx“ -X GET

    About the detail of the token, please refer to the guide


  1. How to change auth mode when the auth_mode is not editable?

    [A] Execute the following command to make the auth_mode editable

    docker exec -it harbor-db bash
    psql -U postgres
    \c registry
    select * from harbor_user;
    delete from harbor_user where user_id > 2;

    Refresh the Harbor web console-> Configurations, then you can change the auth_mode.

  2. How to reset admin password?

    [A] The initial admin password can be found in harbor.yml,

    harbor_admin_password: <initial_admin_password>

    If the administrator have update his password in web console and forget it.

    Make sure the harbor server is running.

    docker exec -it harbor-db
    psql -U postgres
    \c registry
    update harbor_user set salt='', password='' where user_id = 1; 

    Restart Harbor

    docker-compose down -v
    docker-compose up -d

    Then you can login with the initial admin password


  1. When auth mode is changed to ldap_auth, all LDAP users can login harbor, How to let only users in a group can login?

    [A] You can add LDAP filter like that:


    The CN=harbor_users,OU=sample,OU=vmware,DC=harbor,DC=com is the LDAP group DN, then only LDAP user in group harbor_users can login.

  2. When LDAP UID setting is changed, some LDAP user can not login

    [A] Because the LDAP user have logged in with different UID, some user information is cached in the Harbor DB. you can clean up the user information and try login again.

    docker exec -it harbor-db bash
    psql -U postgres
    \c registry
    select * from harbor_user;
     delete from harbor_user where user_id > 2;


  1. How can I workaround the CVE-2019-16097?

    [A] The system admin can disable the allow self-registration both via UI or API.

    • UI: Configuration -> Authentication -> Allow Self-Registration(uncheck the checkbox)
    • API: Use the configuration API to update Self-Registration.
    PUT /api/configurations
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