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A [wip] theme for the home page, docs and theme sites.
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GoHugo Sites Theme

Theme for sites:



We use NPM for package management The theme's .gitignore file should be kept intact to make sure that all files in the node_modules folder are not pushed to the repository.

Webpack 4+

We use Webpack to manage our asset pipeline. Arguably, Webpack is overkill for this use-case, but we're using it here because once it's set up (which we've done for you), it's really easy to use. If you want to use an external script, just add it via Yarn, and reference it in main.js. You'll find instructions in the js/main.js file.


PostCSS is just CSS. You'll find postcss.config.js in the Webpack.config.js file. There you'll find that we're using postcss-import which allows us import css files directly from the node_modules folder, postcss-cssnext which gives us the power to use upcoming CSS features today. If you miss Sass you can find PostCss modules for those capabilities, too.


This theme uses the Tachyons CSS Library. It's about 15kb gzipped, highly modular, and each class is atomic so you never have to worry about overwriting your styles. It's a great library for themes because you can make most all the style changes you need right in your layouts.

How to Use

You'll find the commands to run in package.json.

For development, you'll need Node with NPM installed:

$ npm install

$ npm start

This will process both postcss, fonts, and scripts.

For production, instead of npm start, run npm run build, which will output smaller versions of your files.

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