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Enhance accessibility to issues

Add links to the Hugo issues, Hugo docs issues, and Hugo website theme issues.

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@@ -29,12 +29,16 @@ Please don't use the GitHub issue tracker to ask questions.
## Reporting Issues

If you believe you have found a defect in Hugo or its documentation, use
the GitHub [issue tracker]( to report
the GitHub issue tracker to report
the problem to the Hugo maintainers. If you're not sure if it's a bug or not,
start by asking in the [discussion forum](
When reporting the issue, please provide the version of Hugo in use (`hugo
version`) and your operating system.

- [Hugo Issues · gohugoio/hugo](
- [Hugo Documentation Issues · gohugoio/hugoDocs](
- [Hugo Website Theme Issues · gohugoio/hugoThemesSite](

## Code Contribution

Hugo has become a fully featured static site generator, so any new functionality must:

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