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Medium -> Hugo exporting tool

Suggesting a simple yet powerful tool for people looking to export their Medium blog to Hugo
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Ahirice authored and bep committed May 24, 2019
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@@ -50,6 +50,10 @@ Alternatively, you can use the new [Jekyll import command](/commands/hugo_import
- [exitwp-for-hugo]( - A python script which works with the xml export from Wordpress and converts Wordpress pages and posts to Markdown and YAML for hugo.
- [blog2md]( - Works with [exported xml]( file of your free website. It also saves approved comments to `` file along with posts.

## Medium

- [medium2md]( - A simple Medium to Hugo exporter able to import stories in one command, including Front Matter.

## Tumblr

- [tumblr-importr]( - An importer that uses the Tumblr API to create a Hugo static site.

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