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resource: Serialize image processing

Fixes #5220
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bep committed Oct 26, 2018
1 parent df02131 commit 3a3badfd1d4b1d4c9863ecaf029512d36136fa0f
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  1. +14 −0 resource/image.go
@@ -212,6 +212,15 @@ func (i *Image) isJPEG() bool {
return strings.HasSuffix(name, ".jpg") || strings.HasSuffix(name, ".jpeg")

// Serialize image processing. The imaging library spins up its own set of Go routines,
// so there is not much to gain from adding more load to the mix. That
// can even have negative effect in low resource scenarios.
// Note that this only effects the non-cached scenario. Once the processed
// image is written to disk, everything is fast, fast fast.
const imageProcWorkers = 1

var imageProcSem = make(chan bool, imageProcWorkers)

func (i *Image) doWithImageConfig(action, spec string, f func(src image.Image, conf imageConfig) (image.Image, error)) (*Image, error) {
conf, err := parseImageConfig(spec)
if err != nil {
@@ -237,6 +246,11 @@ func (i *Image) doWithImageConfig(action, spec string, f func(src image.Image, c

return i.spec.imageCache.getOrCreate(i, conf, func(resourceCacheFilename string) (*Image, error) {
imageProcSem <- true
defer func() {

ci := i.clone()

errOp := action

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