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`.Get` is specifically used when creating your own [shortcode template][sc].
`.Get` is specifically used when creating your own [shortcode template][sc], to access the [positional and named](/templates/shortcode-templates/#positional-vs-named-parameters) parameters passed to it. When used with a numeric INDEX, it queries positional parameters (starting with 0). With a string KEY, it queries named parameters.
When accessing a named parameter that does not exist, `.Get` returns an empty string instead of interrupting the build. The same goes with positional parameters in hugo version 0.40 and after. This allows you to chain `.Get` with `if`, `with`, `default` or `cond` to check for parameter existence. For example, you may now use:
{{ $quality := default "100" (.Get 1) }}
[sc]: /templates/shortcode-templates/

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