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docs: Document the new autoHeadingIDType setting

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: This extension substitutes punctuations with typographic entities like [smartypants](

autoHeadingIDType ("github") {{< new-in "0.62.2" >}}
: The strategy used for creating auto IDs (anchor names). Available types are `github`, `github-ascii` and `blackfriday`. `github` produces GitHub-compatible IDs, `github-ascii` will drop any non-Ascii characters after accent normalization, and `blackfriday` will make the IDs work as with [Blackfriday](#blackfriday), the default Markdown engine before Hugo 0.60. Note that if Goldmark is your default Markdown engine, this is also the strategy used in the [anchorize](/functions/anchorize/) template func.

### Blackfriday

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