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docs: Document shortcode error handling

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@@ -346,6 +346,24 @@ This will output the following HTML. Note how the first two `img` shortcodes inh
<img src="/images/three.jpg">

## Error Handling in Shortcodes

Use the [errorf](/functions/errorf) template func and [.Position](/variables/shortcodes/) variable to get useful error messages in shortcodes:

{{ with .Get "name" }}
{{ else }}
{{ errorf "missing value for param 'name': %s" .Position }}
{{ end }}

When the above fails, you will see an `ERROR` log similar to the below:

ERROR 2018/11/07 10:05:55 missing value for param name: "/Users/bep/dev/go/gohugoio/hugo/docs/content/en/variables/"

## More Shortcode Examples

More shortcode examples can be found in the [shortcodes directory for][spfscs] and the [shortcodes directory for the Hugo docs][docsshortcodes].
@@ -26,6 +26,12 @@ toc: false
: provides access to the parent shortcode context in nested shortcodes. This can be very useful for inheritance of common shortcode parameters from the root.

: Contains [filename and position]( for the shortcode in a page. Note that this can be relatively expensive to calculate, and is meant for error reporting. See [Error Handling in Shortcodes](/templates/shortcode-templates/#error-handling-in-shortcodes).

: boolean that returns `true` when the shortcode in question uses [named rather than positional parameters][shortcodes]

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