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commands: Make noHTTPCache default false

The other way was a mistake.
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bep committed Sep 26, 2017
1 parent 8a69d23 commit e94d4f0177852b357f40fb9686a0ff3667d86351
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@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ func init() {
serverCmd.Flags().IntVar(&liveReloadPort, "liveReloadPort", -1, "port for live reloading (i.e. 443 in HTTPS proxy situations)")
serverCmd.Flags().StringVarP(&serverInterface, "bind", "", "", "interface to which the server will bind")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVarP(&serverWatch, "watch", "w", true, "watch filesystem for changes and recreate as needed")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVar(&noHTTPCache, "noHTTPCache", true, "prevent HTTP caching")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVar(&noHTTPCache, "noHTTPCache", false, "prevent HTTP caching")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVarP(&serverAppend, "appendPort", "", true, "append port to baseURL")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVar(&disableLiveReload, "disableLiveReload", false, "watch without enabling live browser reload on rebuild")
serverCmd.Flags().BoolVar(&navigateToChanged, "navigateToChanged", false, "navigate to changed content file on live browser reload")

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