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Remove Unmaintaned Frontends from Tools.

The unmaintained Rango frontend and the Hugopit "experiment" should be removed from the Hugo Tools/Frontends section of the documentation as they are unusable.

Rango can mess up with other dependencies installed in the Go Path as reported here: 

Hugopit's developer himself stated that this is an unmaintained experiment and he seemed a bit surprised that it is included in Hugo's documentation over here: sjardim/Hugopit#3
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@@ -77,10 +77,8 @@ If you don't want to use [Wercker for automated deployments]({{< relref "tutoria

Do you prefer an graphical user interface over a text editor? Then give these frontends a try:

- [rango]( - A web frontend for Hugo. It's designed to make it easy to manage a small site, even for people with little computer experience.
- [enwrite]( - Evernote-powered statically-generated blogs and websites. Now posting to your blog or updating your website is as easy as writing a new note in Evernote!
- [caddy-hugo]( - This is an add-on for [Caddy]( which wants to deliver a good UI to edit the content of the website.
- [Hugopit]( - A web-based editor for Hugo build on top of [Cockpit CMS](
- [Lipi]( - A native GUI frontend written in Java to manage your Hugo websites.


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