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@spf13 spf13 released this Jun 6, 2016
· 4310 commits to master since this release
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0.16.0 June 6th 2016

Hugo 0.16 is our best and biggest release ever. The Hugo community has outdone itself with continued performance improvements, beautiful themes for all types of sites from project sites to documentation to blogs to portfolios, and increased stability.

This release represents over 550 contributions by over 110 contributors to the main Hugo codebase. Since last release Hugo has gained 3500 stars, 90 contributors and 23 additional themes.

This release celebrates 3 years since @spf13 wrote the first lines of Hugo. During those 3 years Hugo has accomplished some major milestones including…

  • 10,000+ stars on GitHub
  • 320+ contributors
  • 90+ themes
  • 1000s of happy websites
  • Many subprojects like @spf13/cobra , @spf13/viper and @spf13/afero which have experienced broad usage across the Go ecosystem.

@bep led the development of Hugo for the 3rd consecutive release with nearly half of the contributions to 0.16 in addition to his considerable contributions as lead maintainer. @anthonyfok , @DigitalCraftsman , @MooreReason all made significant contributions. A special thanks to @abourget for his considerable work on multilingual support. Due to its broad impact we wanted to spend more time testing it and it will be included in Hugo’s next release.


Partial Builds: Prior to this release Hugo would always reread and rebuild the entire site. This release introduces support for reactive site building while watching (hugo server). Hugo will watch the filesystem for changes and only re-read the changed files. Depending on the files change Hugo will intelligently re-render only the needed portion of the site. Performance gains depend on the operation performed and size of the site. In our testing build times decreased anywhere from 10% to 99%.

Template Improvements: Template improvements continue to be a mainstay of each Hugo release. Hugo 0.16 adds support for the new block keyword introduced in Go 1.6 – think base templates with default sections – as well as many new template functions.

Polish: As Hugo matures releases will inevitably contain fewer huge new features. This release represents hundreds of small improvements across ever facet of Hugo which will make for a much better experience for all of our users. Worth mentioning here is the curious bug where live reloading didn’t work in some editors on OS X, including the popular TextMate 2. This is now fixed. Oh, and now any error will exit with an error code, a big thing for automated deployments.

New Features


  • Hugo now exits with error code on any error. This is a big thing for automated deployments. #740
  • Print error when /index.html is zero-length #947
  • Enable dirname and filename bash autocompletion for more flags 666ddd
  • Improve error handling in commands #1502
  • Add sanity checks for hugo import jekyll #1625
  • Add description to Page.Params #1484
  • Add async version of Google Analytics internal template #1711
  • Add autostart option to YouTube shortcode #1784
  • Set Date and Lastmod for main home page #1903
  • Allow URL with extension in frontmatter #1923
  • Add list support in Scratch eaba04
  • Add file option to gist shortcode #1955
  • Add config layout and content directory CLI options #1698
  • Add boolean value comparison to where template function f3c74c
  • Do not write to to cache when ignoreCache is set #2067
  • Add option to disable rendering of 404 page #2037
  • Mercurial is no longer needed to build Hugo #2062
  • Do not create robots.txt by default #2049
  • Disable syntax guessing for PygmentsCodeFences by default. To enable syntax guessing again, add the following to your config file: PygmentsCodeFencesGuessSyntax = true #2034
  • Make ByCount sort consistently #1930
  • Add Scratch to shortcode #2000
  • Add support for symbolic links for content, layout, static, theme #1855
  • Add ‘+’ as one of the valid characters in URLs specified in the front matter #1290
  • Make alias redirect output URLs relative when RelativeURLs = true #2093
  • Hugo injects meta generator tag on homepage if missing #2182


  • Fix file change watcher for TextMate 2 and friends on OS X #1053
  • Make dynamic reloading of config file reliable on all platform #1684
  • Hugo now works on Linux/arm64 #1772
  • plainIDAnchors now defaults to true #2057
  • Win32 and ARM builds fixed #1716
  • Copy static dir files without theme’s static dir #1656
  • Make noTimes command flag work #1657
  • Change most global CLI flags into local ones #1624
  • Remove transformation of menu URLs #1239
  • Do not fail on unknown Jekyll file #1705
  • Use absolute path when editing with editor #1589
  • Fix hugo server “Watching for changes” path display #1721
  • Do not strip special characters out of URLs #1292
  • Fix RSSLink when uglyurls are enabled #175
  • Get BaseURL from viper in server mode #1821
  • Fix shortcode handling in RST #1904
  • Use default sitemap configuration for homepage #1304
  • Exit if specific port is unavailable in server mode #1901
  • Fix regression in “section menus for lazy blogger” #2065

.deb packages for Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

Hugo has become part of the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories since January 2016!
Check out the following download links in Debian and Ubuntu:

And, if you are already running the latest cutting-edge version of Debian or Ubuntu, simply run apt-get install hugo to get it! 😄

Or download the .deb files provided below (amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, ppc64, ppc64el are currently available, hopefully more coming soon). For Raspberry Pi users running Raspbian and alike, the file you want is hugo_0.16-1_armhf.deb.

_Note: The .deb file sizes are smaller than other alternative downloads because the /usr/bin/hugo contained therein were stripped of debug symbols as per Debian policy.

RPM package for Fedora (and Mandriva, openSUSE, etc.)

@jdoss has kindly uploaded and built the Hugo .rpm pack�ages to the Fedora Copr.1 Please visit to get them.

Alternatively, you may download hugo-0.16-2.el6.x86_64.rpm below (fetched from which should work on all flavors of RPM-based distributions running on x86_64 (amd64).

1. Copr, pronounced like "copper", means "Cool Other Package Repositories" according to the Fedora Copr FAQ.