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@bep bep released this Nov 7, 2018 · 1560 commits to master since this release

Hugo reached 30 000 stars on GitHub this week, which is a good occasion to do a follow-up release of the great Hugo 0.50. This is mostly a bug fix release, but it also adds some useful new functionality, two examples are the new template funcs complement and symdiff. This release also continues the work on improving Hugo's error messages. And with .Position now available on shortcodes, you can also improve your own error messages inside your custom shortcodes:

{{ with .Get "name" }}
{{ else }}
{{ errorf "missing value for param 'name': %s" .Position }}
{{ end }}

When the above fails, you will see an ERROR log similar to the below:

ERROR 2018/11/07 10:05:55 missing value for param name: "/sites/hugoDocs/content/en/variables/"

This release represents 31 contributions by 5 contributors to the main Hugo code base.
@bep leads the Hugo development with a significant amount of contributions, but also a big shoutout to @krisbudhram, @LorenzCK, and @coliff for their ongoing contributions.
And a big thanks to @digitalcraftsman and @onedrawingperday for their relentless work on keeping the themes site in pristine condition and to @kaushalmodi for his great work on the documentation site.

Many have also been busy writing and fixing the documentation in hugoDocs,
which has received 6 contributions by 5 contributors. A special thanks to @ikemo3, @maiki, @morya, and @regisphilibert for their work on the documentation site.

Hugo now has:











Assets 30