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hugo gen doc

hugo gen doc

Generate Markdown documentation for the Hugo CLI.


Generate Markdown documentation for the Hugo CLI.

This command is, mostly, used to create up-to-date documentation of Hugo's command-line interface for

It creates one Markdown file per command with front matter suitable for rendering in Hugo.

hugo gen doc [flags]


      --dir string   the directory to write the doc. (default "/tmp/hugodoc/")
  -h, --help         help for doc

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string              config file (default is path/config.yaml|json|toml)
      --configDir string           config dir (default "config")
      --debug                      debug output
  -e, --environment string         build environment
      --ignoreVendorPaths string   ignores any _vendor for module paths matching the given Glob pattern
      --log                        enable Logging
      --logFile string             log File path (if set, logging enabled automatically)
      --quiet                      build in quiet mode
  -s, --source string              filesystem path to read files relative from
      --themesDir string           filesystem path to themes directory
  -v, --verbose                    verbose output
      --verboseLog                 verbose logging


  • hugo gen - A collection of several useful generators.